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Our Sacred Gardens

My friend Christina has a beautiful vegetable garden that she and her husband built a couple of years ago. She enjoys growing and sharing beautiful flowers and gorgeous veggies and fruits from the Spring to the end of Fall. I visited her garden when it had just been built. I am not gonna lie. I had full-out garden envy. Check out a HHY! podcast about the upside of envy here.

Several weeks after I had built and planted my raised bed garden Christina and her husband came for a visit. I showed her my basil and rosemary, my zucchini, beans and cucumbers, kale and tomatoes. She gave me the gardener's green thumbs up. She agreed with me that I may have over-zealously planted my tomatoes too close together and I had possibly more zucchini than I could ever eat or manage to give away. Encouraging me, she told me to “just let it go and see what happens.” This advice sat well with me. It felt like freedom. I had planted some seeds and I had permission from my garden guru to let my first attem…
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Fixer Upper Obsession Confession

I have to confess, Sundays at my house are awesome because I can watch episode after episode of Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. I have seen most of them already but I don’t care. I still love watching those two with their cute relationship and adorable kids. One Sunday recently I even caught my husband smiling at Chip’s lively antics. He actually sat and watched a few episodes alongside me on the sofa. When I found out the show was coming to an end it was a very dark day for me.
Why do we love this show so much? I suggest it might run deeper than we realize. It might even be deeply unconscious. (Or it could just be a fun show, but stay with me, will you?)
We know Chip and Joanna have strong Christian faith and values. They have a foundation that keeps their marriage strong and their family first even with the predictable trials that come with relatively fast fame. Our culture is crazy about celebrity, have you noticed? I wonder if secretly we are waiting for them to implod…

What We Can Live With

When we accept that we are not in control of the bigger picture and just take care of our end of the bargain, which is to live every day in alignment with our soul, now that's a big game changer.  ~~Back to HappyThis past weekend my family gathered to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. It was fun. After Dad sang the first “happy”, determining the key, I chimed in with my own “happy”, a third up, followed by my baby brother who completed the chord. We sang our family’s traditional five part harmony rendition, full-out and with gusto. Mom blew out the candle, making her 79th birthday wishes.

Next we played a little improv game in honor of the birthday girl and her very long and full life. No rules, we were to just add as we felt so moved to the phrase “Grammy is…” or “Mom is…” or “Sonia is…” My niece started out with “Grammy is back rubs and foot rubs by the fire.” Everyone added their sentiments. Some were sweet and sentimental, some funny, some referenced memories and experiences and as…

Fresh Start for A New Year

Happy Healthy New Year my friends! Have you made your resolutions and set your goals for this new year? We all know how that goes. We have good intentions but often no real plan. I read someone said “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. I have made a lot of wishes. Most of them never really panned out. 
I've learned a few things from living my life and from the many people I have interviewed on the Happy Healthy You! podcast. Here’s the thing about goals; goals are like trees. Stay with me here.
In my backyard the county has planted a tree farm as part of a restoration project. From our back deck we see rows of plastic tube things sticking up out of the ground. After a couple of years some of them still have live trees growing inside but many of them just didn't make it. I guess the logic was to plant as many as possible and see what happens. Many of the trees never took root. Some were surely eaten by deer. Those that are still growing must have had an advantage and it wasn&#…

For When the Nights are Longest

On this longest night of the year we are reminded that our days are short on this Earth. We are invited to reflect on the seasons past and find stillness in this darkest time. 
Does that scare you just a little? It does me. 
I am a lover of the light. I enjoy the sunshine, happy people, belly laughs, karaoke, musical theatre... I named my podcast Happy Healthy You! and wrote a book entitled Back to Happy for goodness' sake!
Being with darkness and grief is not a pleasant thing for me. Or for any of us I suspect.
Yesterday I found out that a dear friend from my school days had passed from this world. He was a sweet, loving generous soul who was a friend to everyone he met. His life was way too short.
How do we reconcile in our hearts and minds sad events like the passing of a dear friend during this “hap-happiest time of the year”? I found myself yesterday praying one minute and then bustling around preparing for our family holiday celebration the next. It was a strange, surreal day.