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What I have learned from "BE"ing a Podcast Producer

To be is to do - Socrates To do is to be- Sartre Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra As I near the end of my year-long podcast experiment, I am struck by the interesting juxtaposition of podcast guests and subjects. It is fascinating really – the almost miraculous balance of both DOing and BEing right here on this beautiful happy, healthy landing page! When the idea came in to create this podcast I really did not have a clue where we were going. I just went with it. And from the very first podcast with my beautiful daughter Caroline (Doer) to the awesome interviews with authors Todd Henry, Max Strom and David Mercier (BEers) I have learned so much about living a happy healthy life and I am so grateful. Maybe we have hit on something here. Perhaps it’s that balance of the feminine aspect of sitting with ourselves and just “BEING” and the more masculine “DOING” that creates the life that really works. Just noticing here. More on this later, I am sure. But as we wind up this wonderful …