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Walking the Labyrinth

Recently I attended a yoga retreat at a gorgeous Monastery in Santa Barbara, CA. Everything about the retreat was sublime. The yoga was amazing, the people were awesome, the food was healthy and yummy and the place was on a hill overlooking the mountains of Santa Barbara.

There was a small labyrinth on the property and, being in a meditative mode, I had to walk. Interestingly, the first time I walked I found myself resisting staying in the center. As I stood there, there was the pull to get out. I did stay, although it wasn't easy.

As with anything, meditation and stillness (which we all know is good for our minds, bodies and spirits) is a practice. The next time I walked this sweet little labyrinth I was able to stay in the center just a little bit longer. There are labyrinths all over and what a metaphor for our spiritual journeys. We walk toward our center with purpose and intention. We stay there long enough to remember our essence, our beautiful spiritual nature. Then we wal…