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AN OPEN APOLOGY TO MY BREASTS...This morning, as I lay in bed waiting for the alarm to ring, I could have sworn I heard my breasts talking to each other.I know it sounds crazy, but they were having this conversation They talked back and forth, like I wasn’t even there.It went something like this:Right breast:So how’re you doin’ over there?Left Breast:OK, I guess, just hanging out.Right Breast:Oh come on, it’s me, remember?You can talk to me.Left Breast:Alright, I just have not been myself.I feel like SHE doesn’t care about us any more.I mean, what was that last procedure?We’ve talked before about the squeezy thing – that mammogram SHE is making us go through every six months now.What is SHE thinking?Does she know we’re not as young as we used to be and flattening us like a pancake in all directions between two panes of glass is not exactly a beauty treatment, you know!But this last thing…the biopsy – you didn’t have to go through it – it was horrible!Right Breast:I am soooooo sorry.W…