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Practice may not make us perfect but it sure helps to keep us in the game. ~~Me
One of the reasons I love yoga so much is  that it gives us (aka me) the opportunity to practice navigating the cycles that life finds us (me) in. We can cultivate grace and ease by moving our bodies to become more fluid and flexible. We can find an appreciation for the great teachers that our bodies really are by simply becoming aware of the breath, each round a cycle in itself. We notice when we try to hold onto the breath at the top of an inhale, there is only so long that we can do it before we must surrender and release. At the bottom of the exhale we can also pause to reflect on the quality of the last cycle before we prepare for the next inhale. And on it goes. 
Through the asanas (the poses) we can practice the larger cycles of life; birth, life, death and rebirth. From happy baby pose to Savasana in corpse pose, we rehearse so that when we move through the natural cycles and fluctuations of life we a…