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What We Can Live With

When we accept that we are not in control of the bigger picture and just take care of our end of the bargain, which is to live every day in alignment with our soul, now that's a big game changer.  ~~Back to HappyThis past weekend my family gathered to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. It was fun. After Dad sang the first “happy”, determining the key, I chimed in with my own “happy”, a third up, followed by my baby brother who completed the chord. We sang our family’s traditional five part harmony rendition, full-out and with gusto. Mom blew out the candle, making her 79th birthday wishes.

Next we played a little improv game in honor of the birthday girl and her very long and full life. No rules, we were to just add as we felt so moved to the phrase “Grammy is…” or “Mom is…” or “Sonia is…” My niece started out with “Grammy is back rubs and foot rubs by the fire.” Everyone added their sentiments. Some were sweet and sentimental, some funny, some referenced memories and experiences and as…