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Happy Healthy Knees for Life

How often do you think about your knees? If they are painful, probably more often than not. We humans tend to take for granted those body parts that just work well. How often have you looked down at those beautiful bony hinges and just said “Thank you knees. You da’ bomb”?
The knees are important joints to consider. Hanging out right there in the middle of the feet and the hips, the knees provide our means of moving forward in life, of taking the next step. When they are good they are very, very good, but when they are bad they are, well, horrid.
Knee replacements are commonplace nowadays. With a large, increasingly healthy aging population, this will no doubt only increase. But wouldn't it be better to avoid replacement all together in favor of keeping the knees safe and stable and strong and happy and healthy? I think so.
My Dad recently had a knee replacement. The recovery has been difficult. At 80, he was not prepared for the toll it would take on his body, soul and psyche. The f…