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Seven Tips for Stressful Times

We’ve all been there. There can be days and weeks when the stress of life bears down on us for whatever reason. We lose our healthy routines at these times out of choice and sometimes necessity.  Even taking a vacation and other happy occasions like weddings can knock us temporarily out of balance. It’s life my friends and it can be difficult. But with a little planning and awareness - nothing crazy, we can learn to surf the waves of life with grace and ease.

Recently I very suddenly became caregiver to a family member after a surgery. I needed to be there round the clock to administer medications, prepare food, even help with dressing and bathing. I cleared my schedule and mentally prepared for the task. I confess though that I was surprised to find that at the end of the two weeks I was exhausted, hadn't eaten a decent meal in days and really needed a run! I didn't have the luxury of time to plan for my own self care. During this short period when I was caring for my loved on…