Saturday, January 8, 2011


Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with people, especially women, who had found their purpose in life. Remember that scene from “The Sound of Music” where the Reverend Mother tells Maria that she must go back to find how God would have her “spend her love”?

Ahhhhh! I just loved that. She did of course, and we all know how that worked out for her. She married the Captain, spared the family the terrors of the oncoming war by escaping on foot across the Alps to Switzerland, and then brought the whole clan to America where they were to begin their new lives.

How did she know? Well, I am sure being a nun didn’t hurt. She already had that connection to God thing going.
Being young and all, she didn’t really trust her inner guidance at first, but then she had the Reverend Mother to set her straight and get her going on the right path.

I believe we all have a purpose for our lives. For some of us, there may be a few of them. To find it we must do some serious listening, to our hearts, our souls, our inner guidance. Some of us find it early in life, some later. The important thing is to hone in on what makes our heart sing.
It’s that particular thing that, left undone, makes us antsy, uncomfortable, incomplete. There will always be signposts along the way to the discovery of our purpose, that, when acknowledged, will lead us closer to finding “it”.

And, if we don’t listen to that voice and move closer toward our reason for being here, our lives can be turned upside down in a skinny minute. But when we get back on the path, things will start to happen to lead us right back in the direction we need to head. Take, for example, the homeless man, Ted Williams, who obviously has the gift of a beautiful voice to share with the world. Homeless and destitute, addicted to drugs and alcohol, his purpose was buried for a while and he lost almost everything that was important to him in life. When he was finally able to get clean, he was given another chance to share his gift with the world. While panhandling on the streets, a producer video-taped Ted saying a few lines from his days in radio and his whole life was changed in that moment. He received offers for work as a voice talent from everywhere. Now it’s up to him to use his gift and live his purpose.

For most of us, things don’t have to get that dramatic. We can simply steer ourselves in the direction of our purpose by using our internal GPS. Even if we don’t get loud and repetitive verbal directional signals telling us to turn right or make a U turn, we can be assured that we will always be moving toward our purpose when we feel that sense of peace that comes from the sweet spot of being right in the right place, with the right people, at just the right time. Although it may have frightened her, Maria moved in the direction of her purpose and created a life for herself and her family, the impact of which has inspired so many of us.
So, (MUSIC UNDER) go out there and climb every doggone mountain and follow every rainbow ‘til you find YOUR dream!

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